30KHZ Ultrasonic Cutter For Themoplastic Degurring Installed On Machine Or Lines

30KHZ Ultrasonic Cutter For Themoplastic Degurring Installed On Machine Or Lines

Description: Ultrasonic Cutting Machine is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can...

30KHZ Ultrasonic Cutter for Themoplastic Degurring Installed on Machine or Lines

30K ultrasonic cutting machine and blade15

30K 切割刀20

30Khz cutter  (32)



Ultrasonic Cutting delivers cleaner cuts and enhanced precision for applications formerly delegated to  waterjet, laser cutting, hard tooling and manual trimming.  This environmentally-friendly solution reduces operating costs, works within a small footprint, and is energy efficient, clean and eco-friendly.




Ultrasonic Cutters can smoothly cut difficult-to-cut materials easily such as ;

Carbon Prepreg materials,Rubber,Thermoplastics,Leather,Cloth,Nonwoven fabric,Paper, Plastic sheet etc.


Clean and Precise: Improves cut quality for carpets, headliners, plastics and more, compared to conventional methods

Small Footprint: With its slim design and efficient operation, reducing your operating and retooling costs.

Lean Operation: Designed for maximum flexibility and uptime with self-sharpening tools and fast changeover.


1. What is the maximum thickness of materials that can be cut?

In general, the maximum thickness of materials is approximately 20 mm (the maximum blade length is 25 mm). However, it depends on the material. Please try a test cutting of your material.

2. What about connection with an automated machine?

Since our oscillator is equipped with terminals for external input and output (excluding some models), ON/OFF operation can be performed from the outside. Error signals are also output to the outside.

3 .What is required for running and maintenance?                                                                                                       Blades, blade holders, and square-headed screws are expendables. The blade should be changed when it is broken or worn. We recommend changing the blade holder once every three months−two years, depending on usage. The blade attachment screw should be changed when the blade is changed, or at least once a month. For maintenance, the slit part of the blade holder should be cleaned when the blade in changed, and the oscillator filter should be cleaned once a month


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