Ultrasonic Hand Held Cake Cutter With Straight Blade

Ultrasonic food cutting system developed by Altrasonic uses high-frequency wave vibration to quickly process food, eliminating the downtime caused by the continuous cleaning of conventional cutting blades.

ultrasonic hand held cake cutter with straight blade


Technical parameter:


Power supply:Digital generator
Blade length: 220mm(8.66 in)
Blade width: 30mm(1.18 in)


1. The use of high power ultrasonic transducer vibrating element, ensure the long time stable working
2. The cutting speed is improved greatly, the efficiency 10 times higher than the traditional cutting knife.
3. Suitable for any occasion, safe, harmless and easy to operate;
4. Suitable for cutting a variety of food materials, can cut any shape;

5. No rough edges, neat and beautiful incision

Applicable industry:

1. Food cutting

2. Cake cutting

3. Cheese cutting

4. Bread flour dough cutting

5. Butter cutting

6. Cookie Cookie Cutting

7. Gummy nougat cutting

8. Pizza cheese cutting

9. Frozen meat and aquatic products cutting

10. Plant fiber, nut cutting

11. Sticky food cutting

12. All kinds of rubber cutting

Our service:

Conforming to the spirit of "Service First", ALTRASONIC provides lifetime maintenance to its products for as long as they are used by customers.     

Altrasonic’s service team is 24/7 available for support. Our well trained and experienced service engineers advise and support on-line or if necessary on location. Whether a custom-made production line or a standard machine: we always ensure that production can be resumed as soon as possible.

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