28kHz Titanium Blade Ultrasonic Food Cutter For Frozen Cheese Or Cake

This ultrasonic food cutting machine is perfect for sticky, difficult to cut, and delicate products. The Ultrasonic blade vibrates at 20 kHz to prevent the product from sticking to the blade, allowing each slice to have a clean quality look.

28kHz Titanium Blade Ultrasonic Food Cutter For Frozen Cheese or Cake 



Equipped with digital generator
Blade length: 220mm(8.66 in)

Blade width: 30mm(1.18 in) 



1. For bakery and snack foods,

2. For candy and confectionery

3. For cheese, fish, prepared meat and vegetables

4. For health bars, chacolates, sandwich and wrap cutting

5. For dry fruit,poultry,potted processed meat and grand meat.


Ultrasonic cutting advantage and features:


1. Cut the material quickly and precisely

2. Smooth and traceless cutting edge

3. Powerful, effective realiable

4. Low cost, easy operator. An operator only handle the probe and step the foot switch .So anybody can use it easily.

Packing pictures:



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