20khz High Speed Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment consists of ultrasonic transducer, outer casing, horn, titanium alloy knife and CNC drive power. Ultrasonic food cutting machines are an innovation in food processing.

20khz High Speed Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

Description :

Altrasonic offers a complete line of specialized equipment and components for ultrasonic food cutting. Compared to conventional cutters, ultrasonic food cutters are more sanitary, with less down time, better cost-effectiveness and increased consistency at the cutting surface where the blades stay sharp longer.

Specification : 

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 800watt

Voltage: 110V/220V

Material of blade: Titanium alloy

Length of blade: 125mm , 255mm , 305mm

Machine weight: 15-18 kgs

Applications :

· Cheese;

· Energy bars;

· Chocolate;

· Nougat;

· Cheesecakes;

· Cake rolls;

· Sponge cakes;

· Halva;

· Turkish delight;

· Pizzas;

· Bread;

· Baklava;

· Finger sandwiches;

Advantages :

1. Non-stick 20 kHz knife

2. Perfectly clean cutting surfaces;

3. Compact ultrasonics equipment;

4. Modular machines;

5. Large range of products that can be cut without changing blade;

6. No diameter, weight or and thickness limits;

7. Easy washing and maintenance;

8. Max blade width: about 305 mm;

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