Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine With Digital Generator

Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife producing a nearly frictionless surface which does not deform food products and to which they do not stick. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels...

 Handheld Ultrasonic Food cutting Machine 40KHZ 



Ultrasonic food cutting system developed by Altrasonic uses high-frequency wave vibration to quickly process food, eliminating the downtime caused by the continuous cleaning of conventional cutting blades.

Ultrasonic food cutting systems provide a new approach to cutting, slicing, and automatically turning to handle a variety of foods, making the production process, waste minimization and maintenance costs the lowest.

Depending on application, cutting can be performed vertically, horizontally or continuously (roll seam sonotrodes) with the appropriate sonotrode design. Sonotrodes used as cutting tools suffer comparatively low wear. Because they are cold, as in the case of ultrasonic welding and punching, a wide variety of materials can be efficiently processed. Examples of this in the food industry are various types of cheese, bakery products and confectionery, dough or deep frozen products. The respective sonotrodes divide the food precisely with the help of ultrasonic oscillations. Cutting itself is due to the reducedforce required by the vibration of the cutting tool easier than with conventional knives. The foods are therefore not deformed by compression or squashing.

Technical parameter:


Item No.: HSFC305

Frequency: 20KHz

Power: 800W

Length of Blade: 125/255/305mm or Customized

Generator: Digital, auto -tuning

Machine Weight: 15-18kg

Input: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Advantages compared to conventional cutters:


• Cleaner cuts without mess or crushing

• Compatible with soft, sticky and crumbly foods

• Safe cuts with less down time

• Food grade titanium blade with Self-cleaning function, more sanitary

• Zero crumbling and less product loss

• Better cost-effectiveness

• High throughput

• More consistency at cutting surface

• Blades stay sharp long

• Extremely consistent and reliable performance, virtually maintenance-free.

• Flexible and adaptable equipment with fast set-up and OEM- capable system integration

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