High Quality 30/40K 500/800W Sealing And Cutting Equipment

With ultrasonic sealing, the heat required for melting is only generated inside the thermoplastic sealing layer. For localized conversion of vibrations to friction heat, the anvil or sonotrode profiles are mostly linear.

High Quality 30/40K 500/800W Sealing And Cutting Equipment







Output Power



Analog generator, 155 x 265 x 170mm



Size of cutter

Blade replaceable

Length of cable


Outer skin





220V / 110V


Foot switch1pc;Cut blade 25pcs;1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs

Material of cutter

titanium alloy, stainless steel

Typical materials processed


●Aramid Prepreg

●Boron Prepreg

●Carbon Phenolic Prepreg

●Fiberglass Prepreg

●Graphite Prepreg

●Hybrid Prepreg

●Thermoplastic Prepreg

●Unidirectional Tape

●Aluminum Core Cured/Uncured Rubber

●Foam Core Sealant

●Nomex Core

●Phenolic Core

●Woven Fabric

●Braided Materials


The difference between traditional cutting and ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting machine is the use of wave energy for cutting equipment, the main t feature is not to use the traditional edge.
The traditional cutting utilizes a tool with a sharp edge to press the cutting material. The pressure is concentrated at the edge of the blade, the pressure is very large, more than the shear strength of the cutting material , then the material is cut open. As the material is cut by a strong pressure, so the cutting tool edge should be very sharp and the material itself has to bear the relatively large pressure. Therefore the cutting effect for the soft, flexible material is not good, especially more difficult for sticky material.


Competitive Advantage


●Environment-friendly (No noise, no smoke, no air contamination)

●Smooth cutting of difficult-to-cut materials

●Small hand-held size(can be attached to automotive machinery arms)

●No special installation equipment

●The use of high power ultrasonic transducer vibrating element, ensure the long time stable working

●The cutting speed is improved greatly, the efficiency 10 times higher than the traditional cutting knife.

●Cutting all kinds of ordinary tool to cut products, solve production problems

●Can be installed high hardness blade, cutting blade can be replaced, greatly reducing the use cost

●Cutting tool complete varieties, can also be customized according to customer process shaped cutting tool

●Installation, easy to use, almost does not change the original cutting process

●Can be used in the production of circular ultrasonic tool cutting equipment, rolling cutting, suitable for cutting special

●Can use air-cooling, water-cooling design, adapt to various working conditions and environment









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