20K Ultrasonic Elaborate Processing

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20K Ultrasonic Elaborate Processing


Hard and brittle materials such as quartz glass and engineering ceramics have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, and high chemical stability. They are widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronics, metallurgy and other industrial fields, but this type of toughness and The strength is different from the elastic-plastic metal materials. The load on the material during processing can easily exceed the elastic limit and break down. Therefore, the traditional processing methods have low processing efficiency, severe tool wear, significant chipping and chipping, and high processing costs. Ultrasonic processing can effectively solve the technical problems of processing hard and brittle materials.



20 Khz

Output Power

1000 W


220 V/110V


Handle or foot switch

Power Adjusting

Step or continuous

Working Time Control

24 Hours


30 KG ( Determined by the size of the horn )


Digital Generator

Advantages of ultrasonic vibration cutting

1. The cutting force is small, about 1/3-1/10 of the cutting force of ordinary tools.

2. High processing precision.

3. The cutting temperature is low, and the workpiece is kept at room temperature.

4. No built-up edge, small deformation of the workpiece and no burrs.

5. Low roughness, which can be close to the theoretical roughness value.

6. The "rigidization" of the machined parts, that is, compared with ordinary cutting, it is equivalent to increasing the rigidity of the workpiece.

7. The machining process is stable and effectively eliminates chatter.

8. The cooling of the cutting fluid improves the lubrication effect.

9. The tool durability is improved several times to several tens of times.

10. The surface of the workpiece is in a state of compressive stress, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are improved.

11. The surface of the workpiece after cutting shows a rainbow effect.







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