Hand-held Ultrasonic Cutting Machine For Plastic 40K

Small Hand Held Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment With Titanium Alloy Blade Replaceble Ultrasonic cutting system, the main components include ultrasonic generator (drive power), ultrasonic transducer, horn, cutting knife (tool head) and the output lines, control lines. Ultrasonic drive power will be...

40K Hand-held Ultrasonic Cutting Machine 


Ultrasonic cutting to generate a precise cut with clean edges. Cutting is done without any pressure on the material. Process times are extremely short and energy consumption is low. 


Item No.: HSC40

Frequency: 40KHz

Generator: ZJS-100L

Maximum output power: 40W

Weight: approx. 2.5Kg




Accessory:Foot switch1pc, Cut blade 25pcs , 1.5mm professional hexagon wrench 1pc

Set Screw M3×4L 2pcs


Easy carry and operate, clean and neat cutting edge of the cutting material.


Natural fibers

Synthetic fiber

Thin plastic products(Such as plastic film, mobile phone shell)

All types of paper, base film

Rubber, silicone

Repair of printed circuit board copper foil

ABS、PP、PE ( thickness less than 2mm)

Various types of chemical fabrics


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