40kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Cutting Blade For Fabrics Cutting

40kHz 100w Ultrasoic Portable Cutter with Replaceable Blades for Nonwoven Cloths.

40kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Cutting Blade for Fabrics Cutting

Descriptions :

This machine can be operated manually and it has been designed to perform precise linear cuts on synthetic fabrics. It is possible to connect it with any type of 40 kHz ultrasonic generator, plus it is equipped with a transducer with piezoelectric ceramics and a machete shaped ultrasonic sonotrode. 

Specifications :

Model : HSQ40B-AB

Frequency : 40kHz

Output Power : 100watt

Generator : Analog generator , 155*265*170mm

Handle : φ32*170

Size of cutter : Blade replaceable

Length of cable : 3m

Outer skin : Aluminum

Weight : 8kg

Voltage : 110V / 220V

Accessory : Foot switch 1pc ; Cut blade 25pcs ; 1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc ; Screw M3*4L 2pcs

Material of cutter : Titanium alloy , Stainless steel

Advantages :

1. Suitable for all kinds of fabrics

2. Smooth and clean cutting surface

3. Will not stick to waste

4. Lightweight and easy to operate

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