40kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Cutter Machine Easy To Operate For Cutting Non-woven

40kHz Handheld Ultrasonic Cutter Machine Easy To Operate For Cutting Non-woven

The ultrasonic generator produce the mechanical energy of vibration more than 20000 times-400000 times per second to the cutting blade, it cut the material by local heating melt, to achieve the aim of cutting materials.

40kHz 100Watt Ultrasonic Fabric Cutter Machine Easy To Operate


Item No.: HSC40

Frequency: 40kHz

Maximum power: 100W

Generator: Analog

Material thickness: 1mm-3mm

Voltage: 220V/110V

Weight: 10KG



1. Natural fibers

2. Synthetic fiber

3. Thin plastic products(Such as plastic film, mobile phone shell)

4. All types of paper, base film

5. Rubber, silicone

6. Repair of printed circuit board copper foil

7. ABS、PP、PE ( thickness less than 2mm)

8. Various types of chemical fabrics


1. The cutting incision is smooth, reliable, accurate trimming.

2. It can sealing the fabric when cutting. It is no deformation, no warped edge.

3. No burry and no any silk out from the fabric, no wrinkle, no any deckle edge after cutting.

4. The working is stable and cutting speed is fast, non-stick knife, etc.

5. Easy to oeprate,no need professinal person,save time and labor force.

6. Workers will be not tired after long operate.

7. Can be install onto the PLC robotic arm.

Product line

1. 1pc Foot switch 

2. 25pc Cut blade 

3. 2pc Set Screw M3×4L

4. 1pc Analog generator 

5. 1pc Transducer with Booster

6. 1pc Power cord







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