30K Ultrasonic Cutter Apply In Multiple Industrial

Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife producing a nearly frictionless surface which does not deform food products and to which they do not stick. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels...

30K Ultrasonic Cutter Apply In Multiple Industrial 




The ultrasonic plastic cutting knife is directly loaded into the ultrasonic energy on the cutter, the cutter will become a knife with ultrasonic cutting. In cutting materials, the materials are mainly softened and melted by ultrasonic energy. The cutting edge of the cutter plays the role of slit positioning, ultrasonic energy output, and separation of materials.

Ultrasonic Cutters are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. Ultrasonic Cutters are small enough to be hand-held for many operations.

Ultrasonic Cutters can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily. 

Main parts and its function:


Transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15KHz-100KHz) power

supply, and then provide to the transducer.


Transfer high-frequency electricity energy to machine vibration energy.


Connect transducer and horn, enlarge the transducer swing and carry the energy to the horn.

Blade: Send the machine energy and pressure to the working piece.


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