20kHz Ultrasonic Welding System With Digital Generator

We can provide you this 20kHz 1500watt ultrasonic welding system for mask making machine(including transducer with booster,generator and 110*20mm steel horn

20kHz ultrasonic welding system with digital generator



Mold type:Steel horn
Welding horn size:110*20mm;153*20mm;160*20mm;200*20mm

Digital generator:

1. Automatic frequency tracking
2. The power can be adjusted from 20% to 100%
3. LCD screen, English interface
4. Small size and light weight can save transportation costs

The advantages of the transducer:

1.The transducer is assembled and debugd by an experienced master with more than 30 years of installation experience.

2.The impedance is very small, less than 7 ohms, which greatly reduces the heat and loss of the transducer; 

3.Large output amplitude, greater than or equal to 10 microns;

4.The consistency of transducer parameters is very high, which provides convenience for customers to match ultrasonic power; 

5.The testing process is very rigorous and the aging time should be at least one week to ensure the stability of transducer parameters.

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