Ultrasonic Welding System With 15khz 2600w Ultrasonic Converter For Surgical Face Mask Of Machine Disposable

In ultrasonic welding, the alternating current of 50 Hz or 60 Hz connected from the power source is first converted into a high frequency signal. When welding plastics, the parts in contact with the workpieces friction and heat under the action of vibration, and the plastics are melted by the accumulated heat due to slow heat transfer. We need to apply pressure when welding metal, but it does not generate heat

HS-W15 15Khz 2600W Ultrasonic Welding System Sonotrode and ultrasonic spare parts for Kn-95 automatic mask line


Product name:HS-W15




Welding size:200*25mm


15kHz ultrasonic plastic welding machine has the characteristics of firm welding surface, good air and water tightness, high strength, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.


1. Fast and automatic. 

2. Continuous wave / indirect wave

3. Will be tested 3-4 times before shipment





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