Ultrasonic Welding System For Mask Making Machine With Strong Effect 20khz

Ultrasonic welding system completes with ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic converter and ultrasonic sonotrode. It is installed on the mask making machine , used for mask blank making and ear loop welding.

Ultrasonic Welding System for Mask Making Machine with Strong Effect 20khz

Description : 

Ultrasonic welding is a developing industry all over the world. It converts sound to mechanical energy , which can generate heat and achieve hot melt. Altrasonic's 20kHz 2000watt is suit for mask making machine , can easily be insatlled and put into use.

Specifications :

20khz ultrasonic welding system 

Frequency 20kHz

Power 2000watt

Welding horn : 110*20mm , 160*20mm , 200*20mm

Generator : Analog generator

Structure includes

power supply 1 set ;

transducer 1 piece ;

booster 1 piece ;

steel horn 1 piece.

Applications :

1. non-woven fabrics welding

2. 3ply surgical masks making

3. KN95/N95 masks making

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