Ultrasonic Parts 110*20 Steel Horn For Non-Woven Mask Machine

Ultrasonic welding system completes with ultrasonic generator supply, ultrasonic transducer and horn . It is installed on the mask making machine , used for mask blank making and ear loop welding.

Ultrasonic Parts 110*20 Steel Horn For Non-Woven Mask Machine


The main components of the ultrasonic welding system are the ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic generator and steel horn. The conventional tool head sizes of 20kHz ultrasonic system are 110*20mm, 160*20mm, 200*20mm, 15kHz conventional tool head sizes are 25*120mm, 25*160mm, 25*200mm, 25*270mm. At present it mainly used in mask machine. 

Competitive Advantage

1. The cutter head is made of steel and is durable.

2. Multiple tests will be conducted before shipment.

3. The size of the horn can be customized according to customer needs.





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