New Ultrasonic Welding Machine With 15kHz 2600W N95 Mask Welders

15kHz 2600watt ultrasonic welding system is applied for N95 mask making machine.

New Ultrasonic welding machine with 15kHz 2600W N95 Mask welders

Descriptions :

Ultrasonic welding system in mask machine consists of an ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic electric box), an ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic welding horn, and a flange. It is the core welding part of the mask machine, which is used for welding around the mask, the bridge of the nose, and earloop welding; One-to-one, one-to-two automatic, semi-automatic mask machines are extremely common.

There are two types of vibration: continuous vibration and intermittent vibration.

Continuous vibration is mainly used for welding of mask pieces, and intermittent vibration is mainly used for welding of earband lines. Generally, a mask machine needs 5-6 sets of ultrasonic supporting equipment, and 1-2 sets of continuous vibration (different design requirements are not Same), 4 sets of intermittent vibration are used for the welding of earloop.

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