High Quantity 20khz Ultrasonic Welding System Used Analog Generator And Transducer With Horn

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High Quantity 20khz Ultrasonic Welding System Used Analog Generator And Transducer With Horn


The transducer is assembled and debugged by a teacher with more than 30 years of installation experience, and the assembly process is excellent, which is the standard of the ultrasonic industry;The generator is the analog generator, the horn is the normal horn 110*20mm


Theory:Ultrasonic Sensor

Product Name:Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

Horn size: 110*20cm



Product name:HS-W20

Frequency: 20khz



1. High stability: All-digital integrated circuit adopts high-performance anti-interference processor imported from the United States, while reducing the number of components, simplifying the hardware structure, and increasing the voltage regulation function to improve the reliability and stability of the system.

2. Frequency automatic tracking: The combination of digital frequency synthesis technology and digital phase-locked loop frequency tracking composite control technology can eliminate the disadvantages of temperature, static load, processing area, tool wear and other factors that are difficult to overcome by conventional analog regulators, which is conducive to parameter adjustment , Easy to modify the program software, easily adjust the control scheme and implement a variety of new control strategies.

3. Powerful output: The application of IGBT power module plus the structure of other excited oscillation circuit makes the output power more than 1.5 times that of the traditional self-excited circuit.

4. Amplitude stepless adjustment: The amplitude can be increased or decreased instantaneously during the adjustment process, and can also be fine-tuned, which effectively prevents perfect welding of small and large rubber parts and effectively reduces puncture and burns. Defective product amplitude setting range 10%~100%

5. Intelligent protection and fault alarm tips: mold current over-high protection, frequency offset protection, total output over-protection. If the equipment fails, the generator will immediately stop working and give the corresponding cause of the failure prompt until the technician eliminates the failure.

6. The amplitude adjustment realized by the intelligent closed-loop amplitude control technology can maintain a constant amplitude output without being affected by the fluctuation of the input power voltage and the load.










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