Full Automatic Non-woven Mask Making Machine

The automatic mask machine is composed of a main body machine and an earband welding machine, which is fully automated and can be operated by only one person

Full automatic non-woven mask making machine


The full automatic 1+1 mask machine has reached a very high output in terms of production capacity. This machine is an all-in-one belt mask production line machine designed and developed by professional engineers. The production of flat masks is completed on the front line, and the intelligent advanced control platform controls the overall settings and can be operated by one person.





Voltage: single phase 220V / 50kzPower: 5,000Watt

Working pressure: 5,000-8,000gf

Size: 4278 * 1915 * 1859

Output: 80 pcs / minute

Delivery time: 15 working days

Staffing: 1 person to manage 3-5 machines



1.Using high-power ultrasonic cutting to make the non-woven mask sheet stronger

2. Fully automatic, more convenient operation, saving time and effort

3. High-speed filming, high operating efficiency





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