Face Mask Welding Machine Ultrasonic Equipment

Ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to the surfaces of two objects to be welded. Under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects rub against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers.

Disposable Surgical Mask Ultrasonic Welding System


When we are welding plastics, we need a higher temperature. In traditional welding, high positions are generated by gas combustion, such as acetylene, etc. For ultrasonic plastic welding machines, the source of high temperature is high-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic waves. This high-frequency vibration transmits ultrasonic energy to the workpiece contact surface through the weldment Because the contact surfaces vibrate and rub against each other, high temperature is generated and welding is performed.


Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 2000w

Weight: 20kg

Generator: analog

Welding horn: 110*20mm

Voltage: 220V


1. Beautiful and durable.

2. Able to adjust various parameters in real time according to different requirements of users

3. It is a high-tech, most thermoplastic products can be applied

4. Stable operation, safe and reliable, excellent hardware configuration







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