15kHz Ultrasonic Welding System For N95 Mask Making Machine

We can provide you this 15kHz 2600watt ultrasonic welding system for mask making machine(including transducer with booster,generator and 200*25mm steel horn)

15kHz ultrasonic welding system for N95 mask making machine


Mask machine ultrasonic welding machine description:

1. High performance: high mechanical Q value, high conversion efficiency and excellent quality;


2. Ultrasonic vibrator transducer with large amplitude and superior performance;


3. Ultrasonic transducer, heat resistance: Piezoelectric ceramic material has good heat resistance, which can expand the use temperature range, at the same time, the Q value is high, the resonance impedance is small, and the heat generation is small;


4. Ultrasonic transducer Product appearance is neat, no rust, no obvious dents and scratches



Mold type:Steel mold
Effective working area:120*25mm/160*25mm/200*25mm /270*25mm
Surface treatment:Anti-rust coating

Characteristics of our system:

1. Adopt steel welding horn instead of aluminum, steel mold hardness is 62, can extend the service life

2. Continuous wave / indirect wave

3. Will be tested 3-4 times before shipment

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