15KHz 2600W Ultrasonic Welding Generator Transducer Booster Horn Mask Machine N95 Welding

15kHz 2600watt ultrasonic welding system is applied for N95 mask making machine.

15KHz 2600W Ultrasonic Welding Generator Transducer booster Horn mask Machine N95 welding

Descriptions :

The generator is One year warranty.

Transduser is 3 months warranty.

The regular type of horns are as following

for 15K generator: 120*25, 160*25, 200*25, 270*25mm

Specifications :

Frequency : 15kHz

Output power : 2600watt

Voltage : 110V/220V, 50-60Hz

Welding horn : 120*25, 160*25, 200*25, 270*25mm

Net weight : 28 kgs

Dimension : 56*36*20cm

Application : N95 Disposable Mask , 3Ply Surgical Mask , Non-woven Materials ...

Advantages :

Ultrasonic welding of nonwoven materials advantages:

The process of ultrasonic welding of nonwoven materials is very fast and stable, with good repeatability, and you can start working immediately without preheating.

This technology can complete three processes of imprinting, lamination and cutting at the same time.

The materials that use ultrasonic stacking are soft to the touch and meet all the requirements for wearing comfort and functionality. In the process of producing different styles of disposable products, the forming welding process is used.

The product is smooth and soft, without hard edges, and strong adhesion between layers is the most basic requirement.

The use of ultrasonic cutting can achieve no burrs, and the cut surface is clean and tidy.

In addition, when using ultrasonic imprinting, the soft surface will not be damaged.


Questions :

1. What is the MOQ of  ultrasonic generator  ?

A: 1pcs as you need.


2.Can I ge a lower price if I order large quantities?

A: Yes, cheaper prices with more bigger size orders.

3. When will you send out the  ultrasonic generator  after receiving the order?

A: Based on the order quantity, the goods will be send out within 2 -7days.

4. How about the quality guarantee period of  ultrasonic generator ?

A: One year!

5. How can you guarantee the production quality?

A: We have more than 13 years production experience and we have strictly quality control system in our production process. 4 times inspection for each ultrasonic generator  before the delivery, Third part inspection acceptable.

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