15kHz 2600W Kn95 Mask Making Machine Perfect Welding

The power of 15khz ultrasonic welding machine is easier to increase, and the amplitude is relatively large. It is suitable for welding larger, difficult to weld, and relatively rough plastic products.

15kHz 2600W Kn95 Mask Making Machine Perfect Welding


Frequency: 15kHz

Power: 2600W

Voltage: 110V/220v

Welding Horn: 200*25mm


The ultrasonic welding system is mainly composed of a generator and a transducer. The main function of the generator is to convert the power supply with a power frequency of 50HZ into high-frequency high-frequency electric waves using electronic circuits. The part of the transducer is to convert the high-voltage electric wave generated by the generator into mechanical vibration, which is transmitted, amplified, and reaches the processing surface.


1. Special steel amplifier, durable。

2. Super power output, suitable for welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thicknesses.

3. No radiation, safe operation without any protection.

4. Wide range of applicable materials, theoretically can be applied to any non-acoustic materials.







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